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Stiliani Chroni

Stiliani Chroni


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Fakultet for helse- og sosialvitenskap
Seksjon for idrett og kroppsøving
Studiested Elverum, Rom 4R4146

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Ani is a native of Greece, holds a Bachelor's degree in Sports Science and PE (Greece, 1991), MSc and PhD in sport psychology (USA, 1994, 1997), while recently got certified as a Coach Developer from the ICCE and NSSU Coach Developer Academy (Japan, 2020). Currently she is Professor in Sport Psychology and Sport Coaching, and leads the Sport and Social Sciences Research Unit at Inland Norway University of Social Sciences. She has presented and published her research and applied practice work in English and Greek languages. Since 2010 her work focuses on sport coaches and particularly on elite coaches' stress and retiring elite athletes' transition to coaching. Earlier in her career, among other themes she worked on female athletes’ experiences with sexual harassment, athlete self-talk, cognitive hardiness, competitiveness, and on-site coping. In her applied practice as a mental coach, she has consulted with athletes and teams from youth sport to the Olympic level, as well as coaches and parents from multiple sports, countries and continents. She is an active advocate for women and sport, working with the advisory and executive boards of WomenSport International since 2009. Ani, remains involved with her sport, alpine skiing, as a Technical Delegate for the International Ski and Snowboard Federation.

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