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Minh Thi Hong Dinh


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Handelshøgskolen Innlandet – Fakultet for økonomi og samfunnsvitenskap
Institutt for økonomifag
Studiested Lillehammer

Kort om

Minh Dinh earned her PhD in finance and economics at the Arctic University of Norway in 2017. Her dissertation was about ‘Topics on market microstructure and asset pricing using intraday data from the Oslo stock market’. She took her master of MBA global banking and finance from Birmingham University in UK in 2010. Her research area: banking, asset pricing, market microstructure, and macroeconomics.

She is very interested in sustainable finance and her future research will focus on sustainable finance.

She is now writing a book of ‘sustainable finance’ for ‘Ethics International Press’.


Short CV


June 2013 – May 2017: PhD in Economics and Finance from The School of Business and Economics at UiT - The Arctic University of Norway, Norway.

Sep 2008 – Sep 2010: Master in Global Banking and Finance from Birmingham Business school of Birmingham University, UK.

Sep 1993- June 1998: Bachelor in Economics from Nha Trang University, Viet Nam.


PhD Courses

Financial market microstructure

Empirical asset pricing

Time series econometrics



            Published papers 

Sirnes, E. and Dinh, M.T.H., 2021. Tick Size and Price Reversal after Order Imbalance. International Journal of Financial Studies9(2), p.19.

Størdal, S., Dinh, M.T.H., Haugom, E. and Lien, G., Norwegian stock market behaviour during the initial phase of the COVID-19 pandemic. Beta34(02), pp.207-221.

Dinh, M.T.H., 2018. The relationship between volume imbalance and spread. Research in International Business and Finance44, pp.76-87.

Dinh, M.T.H., 2017. The returns, risk and liquidity relationship in high frequency trading: Evidence from the Oslo stock market. Research in International Business and Finance39, pp.30-40.

Dinh, M.T., Mullineux, A.W. and Muriu, P., 2012. Macroeconomic factors influencing UK household loan losses. Journal of financial regulation and compliance.


            Working papers

  1. Oil price crisis and Stock Market: Evidence from Norway.
  2. Stock returns and excess industry returns.
  3. The COVID-19 pandemic affects stock returns of different sizes.


  1. International Journal of Finance and Economics.
  2. Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions & Money.



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