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Knut Olav Strætkvern

Knut Olav Strætkvern


+47 62 51 78 52

Fakultet for anvendt økologi, landbruksfag og bioteknologi
Institutt for bioteknologi
Studiested Hamar, Rom 2N1246

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I work as a researcher and teacher in bioprocess technology at Department of Biotechnology (ALB), since 1992. I am a civil engineer (NTH 1985, chemistry) with a D.Sc. in protein technology (Univ. of Bergen, 1991). I have two periods as a guest researcher/professor abroad (NDSU, and Univ. of Maryland). Conducting research into biomass utilization, focusing on bioactive compounds and protein extraction, and use of cellulase enzymes. I have experience with fermentation, downstream processing, and enzyme technology. A common thread through my work is connecting fundamental bioprocessing methods and biomass opportunities with new industrial applications. Project activities reflect a long-time collaboration with various industries. I am involved in the curricula of the BSc, MSc, and PhD programs, teaching topics in biochemistry and bioprocess technology.



Holsetgata 22, N-2317 Hamar
Rom 2N1246
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