Daumantas Bloznelis

Daumantas Bloznelis


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Handelshøgskolen Innlandet – Fakultet for økonomi og samfunnsvitenskap
Institutt for økonomifag
Studiested Rena, Rom 3Ø224

Kort om

I am an associate professor in Business Analytics. I have a PhD degree in economics from the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (course work completed at Cornell University) and MSc and BSc degrees in statistics from Vilnius University.

My work experience includes both private sector and academia; I have worked as a financial analyst of Oslo Stock Exchange, a research fellow and a teaching assistant at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences, and a postdoctoral researcher in Statistics at KU Leuven.

My primary research interests are in statistical price modelling, forecasting, and risk management in financial markets. I am also interested in business applications of statistics and machine Learning. Cristin contains a list of my research results and activities. Ungated versions of my publications and working papers are available here

You can learn more about me by visiting my personal website. This is also where you will find my CV.



Hovedbygg Østre fløy
Telthusveien 12, N-2450 Rena
Rom 3Ø224
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