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Critical public health research group

Our research group has not only provided an anchor for the Schools, Learning and Mental Health project it has also acted as a forum for discussing and developing additional research projects in the interdisciplinary field of public health. 

We started out in 2016 as a group of researchers working on the Norwegian Research Council-funded Schools, Learning and Mental Health project.

Reflecting our diversification, we agreed to change our name to Critical Public Health in 2020.

The current interests and activities are represented in the figure below, the inner larger circle representing core themes and the smaller circles on the outside representing different topics and sub-groups.

Critical Public Health as a field of enquiry

Public health sciences is a well-established international interdisciplinary field, spanning the social and natural sciences. It draws on and is informed by diverse theoretical perspectives and is underpinned by a range of quantitative and qualitative methodologies.

In naming the group Critical Public Health, we highlight our interest in bringing critical questions to the theory and practice of public health and health promotion in an increasingly complex and, at times, rapidly changing world.

Through discussion and debate, members of the group explore new ways of thinking about public health and health promotion.

The research group is thus presented as an ‘umbrella’ field, which provides a dynamic context within which collaboration and synergy in relation to specific interests and sub-groups can emerge and coalesce over time.


Our purpose

The overall purpose of the research group is to provide a stimulating and supportive academic milieu within which people with diverse interests and at various stages of their academic careers can come together to share and debate ideas relating to public health.

More specifically, the aim is to harness such discussions and interests towards three key outcomes: (i) applications for external projects (primarily to support PhD and post-doc positions); (ii) publications and conference presentations; (iii) community-oriented dissemination and engagement.

All those with an interest in public health are welcome to join and/or participate in our research group at any time.

Current research projects and lead researcher(s)

  • Physical activity, academic achievement and mental health: Ingeborg Barth Vedøy (PhD stipendiat). www.swellforskning.no
  • The development of young people’s school and leisure lives: Patrick Foss Johansen (PhD stipendiat)
  • Digital food environments and their influence on the nutritional health of young women in Norway: Sabrina Ionata De Oliveira Granheim (PhD stipendiat)
  • Human-nature relations: a cross cultural study involving students in Norway, Indonesia and England: Børge Baklien, Marthoenis Marthoenis & Miranda Thurston
  • Mental health, stigma, and discrimination: Building close-to-practice research capacity on human rights in Indonesia Børge Baklien, Marthoenis Marthoenis & Miranda Thurston
  • On the problem of empathy: Pasung a qualitative study of shackling family members with psychosocial disabilities in Indonesia: Børge Baklien & Marthoenis Marthoenis
  • Is young people’s sedentariness and low intensity physical activity bad for their mental health and wellbeing? Miranda Thurston, Patrick Foss Johansen, Svein Barene & Ingeborg Barth Vedøy
  • Young people, food and nutrition conspiracy theories and social media: Amelia Haile & Sabrina Ionata De Oliveira Granheim
  • Strengthening public understanding of science in an era of fake news: disseminating research to the community: Miranda Thurston, Børge Baklien & Sabrina Ionata De Oliveira Granheim

The research group

The contact for the research group is :

Bilde av Miranda Thurston
+47 62 43 02 76


  • Børge Baklien
  • Svein Barene
  • Marte Bjørli
  • Anne Breivik
  • Sabrina Ionata de Oliveira Granheim
  • Ken Green
  • Amelia Haile
  • Patrick Foss Johansen
  • Thorsteinn Sigurjónsson
  • Knut Ragnvald Skulberg
  • Hege Eikeland Tjomsland
  • Ingeborg Barth Vedøy

You will find more information about the members here.

External members

  • Sigmund Alfred Andersen: Professor in Physical Activity and health, Department of Sports Medicine, Norwegian School of Sports Sciences
  • Lorraine Cale: Professor of Physical Education & Sports Pedagogy, Associate Dean (Teaching), Loughborough University, UK
  • Marthoenis Marthoenis: Associate Professor, Universitas Syiah Kuala, Banda Aceh, Indonesia
  • Linda Røset: Research and Development Officer, Stiftelsen Hernes Institutt, Norway
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