System requirements for PC/MAC, for studies at the Game School

This is a checklist over the system requirements for students that would like to study Bachelor in Animation & digital Arts, and Bachelor in Game Techniques & Simulations. **

Please note: Students applying for the VR/AR Post-Graduate program will get specialized hardware provided by the school. Personal machines can be used for homework and may follow the recommendation provided below.

Please note! Students that are applying for the Bachelor in Game Technology and Simulations could manage with computers which are slightly less powerful than the minimum requirements listed below, but because of the study program’s increasing focus on VR and AR development, it is also recommended that all students acquire VR-ready computers.

Students applying for the VR/AR yearly program that would like to get their own personal machine for homework use, should get a VR-Ready PC only.

Note! This computer is your most important tool during your studies. If you save a few bucks now, it could cost you a lot of frustration later, when your computer is lagging behind and things don't work the way you had liked & your time is limited -please keep that in mind.

Specifications (LAPTOPS):

  • CPU: Intel i7 –minimum 4 core, 2.7GHz w/Turbo Boost to 3,4GHz or more
  • RAM: 32GB –minimum 16 GB -32GB is preferred, especiallyfor those students planning to choosethe Digital Arts track.
  • GPU:
    • Nvidia GeForce RTX-card with minimum 4GB VRAM
    • If Mac–go for a Macbook Pro

Please Note:

Graphic cards (GPU) from ATI/AMD has a history of artifacts and display errors in Autodesk Maya (3D application). The Game School primarily use Autodesk Maya for 3D. We therefore do not recommend buying systems with ATI/AMD graphic cards installed. VR-Ready Graphic cards: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060-3080+Ti are recommended.

Laptops with integrated graphics, like Intel HD Graphics, will not work and should not be considered!

  • Disk:
    • Preferred:
      • M. 2 SSD system disk 512 GB (minimum 240 GB) + internal regular SSD @ minimum 1 TB
    • Ok:
      • SSD system disk w/ minimum 240 GB + internal HDD 7200 RPM @ minimum 1TB, USB 3.0/USB-C/Thunderbolt
    • Minimum:
      • HDD 1 TB, 7200 RPM (5400 RPM is NOT fast enough)

Please note: The reason for why we recommend this much storage space, is because the software used in these study programs, can easily use as much as 120 GB alone. With additional private software choices and specially usage/project work files, the used amount could easily surpass250 GB. Minimum recommended free disk space on system disk,at all times, is 30 GB for optimal performance.

  • Screen: We recommend 17” with Full HD-resolution or more –1920 x 1080+ (MacBook Pro, minimum 15”)
  • Network card: Gigabit Ethernet and WiFi
  • Connections: 1 or more of the following: USB 3.0/USB-CThunderbolt.
  • OS: Windows 10/11Home/Pro, 64-bit. Mac OS X 10.15+
  • Digital Drawing Tablet (Wacom recommended) -size M or larger

Use of Macs in the program:

Most of the software used in the program is available for Mac.Only MacBook Pro is powerful enough to handle the workload given with 3D and Motion Graphics.

NOTE! No MacBooks are VR-Ready

VR-Ready -if you would like to have a VR-Ready machine, you will have to get a PC or a Thunderbolt expansion chassis and a GPU-card f or an eGPU solution f or your MacBook (only f or new MacBooks with Thunderbolt 3& 4).

Even though MacBook Pro is able to handle the workload, there are some things that should be considered before buying a Mac to use in this program:

  • The new M1 chip in Macbooks could have performance issues in Maya
  • MacBook Pro generates a great deal if heat when on 100% workload. This decreases the performance of the machine to a lot less than what you would think, compared to the system specifications. This is caused by the MacBook Pro’s slim design, which causes poor air flow (cooling).
  • For the same price, the graphic cards on the Macbook Pros are not as good as whatyougetin a PC.
  • There are few options to upgrade the hardware of a Mac and it is very expensive if you want to keep your warranty.

** All system requirements listed above are only a recommendation, based on previous year’s experiences. These are not requirements that have to be filled to attend the Game School’s programs, but please be noted that all students are responsible f or checking that their hardware and sof tware is up to date, and able to handle the workload given in the program at the given time. Computer problems related to too low specif ications is not a valid excuse for extension on assignments.

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