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Information regarding the war in Ukraine

Here you will find an overview of relevant information related to the ongoing war in Ukraine.

Educational services for refugees

The Norwegian Ministry of Education has provided funds for educational services for refugees affected by the war in Ukraine. Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences now offers studies in English and in Norwegian language and culture. The studies are each worth 30 credits and can be combined.

The target group for the studies are refugees with a residence permit according to chapter 4 § 34 (collective protection) or § 28 (individual asylum) of the Immigration Act, who want to learn better Norwegian or English.

Application deadline is the 15th of October.

Read more about the part time educational services here:


Norwegian language and culture

A close-up photo of the Ukrainian flag.


As a refugee with a residence permit and who lives in a municipality, you can apply for admission to a study programme and be entitled to a loan and a scholarship for higher education in Norway. You can also access and use INN University's campuses.

Read more about these schemes here 

Refugees from Ukraine are granted collective protection when they arrive in Norway, which means that they receive a residence and work permit in this country.

Collective protection also means that rights are triggered within county municipal areas of responsibility such as upper secondary education, career guidance for adults, dental health, and school transport.

Read more about this on the website of Innlandet County Municipality 

The backs of a group of refugees with luggage on their way to the border between Ukraine and Poland.

Photo: Becky Bakr Abdulla / Norwegian Refugee Council