Programme «Public innovation and AI»  Seminar  Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences June 1. 2022

1000-1015 ( European time): Opening.

Chairs: Lars Fuglsang and Rolf Rønning. The presentations are planned to be 30 minutes, 10-15 minutes are left for questions and comments

1015-1045 :

Key note: Professor Geoff Mulgan, University College London: «AI, intelligence and public innovation»


Assistant Professor Poja Shams, Karlstad University: «Empirical, as well as conceptual work, on public service encounters framed through AI»

1200-1245 :

Assistant Professor Matt Young, Leiden university: “How to understand harm caused by AI in public services” 


Professor Bent Greve, Roskilde University: “AI as challenge and support for citizens` welfare“


Dr. Patricia Charlton, Open University: “How AI interacts with public value creation”


Professor Sine Nørholm Just, Roskilde University: “Controversial AI – public debate as a driver and a barrier for technological innovation”


Research associate Katharina Guirguis, Zurich University of Applied Sciences: “Drivers and barriers for adopting AI in public organizations”

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