Sine Nørholm Just

Sine Nørholm Just is a professor of strategic communication at the Department of Communication and Arts, Roskilde University and the principal investigator of the ADD project.

Sine Nørholm Just (Photo: RUC)

Sine Nørholm Just (Photo: RUC)

Sine researches processes of meaning formation in many different particular settings and shapes. She currently focuses on how technological and societal developments interrelate to intensify and stultify public debate, resulting in spirals of public distrust.

With her many collaborators in the ADD project, Sine aims to understand how reconfiguring the algorithmic organization of data might strengthen digital democracy.

About the presentation

The presentation is on the topic of Controversial AI – public debate as a driver and a barrier for technological innovation. The development and implementation of AI systems is becoming subject to public scrutiny as questions concerning data sovereignty and human agency are, increasingly, raised in public debate.

Thus, calls for automation as a means of ensuring the efficiency and accuracy of decision-making in situations of limited (human) resources are tempered by reminders that decisions must not only follow general principles and procedures but should also fit the specific situations to which they respond. This presentation offers preliminary insights from the Algorithms, Data & Democracy (ADD) project’s mapping of controversies regarding AI development and implementation as articulated in the context of Danish public debate.


Published Apr. 29, 2022 2:54 PM - Last modified Apr. 29, 2022 3:00 PM