Bent Greve

Bent Greve is professor in Social Science with an emphasis on welfare state analysis at Roskilde University, Denmark.

Bent Greve (Foto: RUC)

Bent Greve (Foto: RUC)

His research interest focuses on the welfare state, and social and labour market policy, often from a comparative perspective. He has published extensively on social and labour market policy, social security, tax expenditures, public sector expenditures and financing of the welfare state. He is editor of Social Policy & Administration.

About the presentation

This presentation discusses the impact of AI on welfare states by looking into a number of elements with a possible influence on welfare states and their developments.

The first is the impact on the number of jobs, but not only the number hereof, but also change in types of jobs as well as need for qualifications.

The second is that AI might make administration easier, but also imply risk of bias for those who are in need of these services.

Thirdly, AI and use of data can imply new options and possibilities in relation to health care with the implication that it might be more effective, but also with a risk of increasing pressure on the level of expenditures. Because of the first three elements, a fourth element is challenges in the ability to finance the welfare states.

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Published Apr. 29, 2022 2:40 PM - Last modified Apr. 29, 2022 2:40 PM