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Where to search for literature?

In need of literature for course requirements or an assignment? We will help you get started.

Oria and Google Scholar

Do you need a spesific book/journal article or do you need to perform a simple subject-search?  You can use Oria, our library search engine when searching for books. Searching for journal articles use Google Scholar, the scientific search engine. 

How to find course literature?

The University Library has a few copies of books used as course literatur. Available for use in the library and for loan.

Use Oria for searching.

Access from home (i.e off campus)

Advice on how to access the library’s electronic resources off campus.

In need of information for a major assignment?

Then we recommend that you also use one or more of the library's subject-specific databases.

Which database should I use?

  • Subject page - get tips for resources and databases within your field.

How to find academic journal articles?

In Oria you can refine the search result to Peer-reviewed Journals. Several databases contain only scientific articles or you can refine to Scholarly Journals/Peer Reviewed.

How do I know that the article is scientific?

What is a scholarly article? More about what characterizes scientific articles and how to see if a journal is scientific.

Access full-text articles

How to access to fulltext articles from Oria, Google Scholar and other databases?

This is how you find

Search tips

Get advice on different search techniques and search strategies for better search results.

  • The library’s videos on literature- and information searches

Assessing sources

Which sources should you use? It is vital that you critically assess your sources to determine whether the information found is credible and usable.

Any Questions?