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Remote access

Tips for using online resources when you're away from campus. 

Access with Feide-ID

Students and employees at INN University have access to Library resources off-campus with Feide-ID (student number/password).

After you logged in, you should see “” as part of the address field of your Web browser.

Use library webpage

The best way to access licensed electronic resources is through the links to resources on the library website and in the catalog Oria. These are configured to route you through the proxy server and allow you to authenticate. Log in with Feide-ID when required. 

Installing the Ezproxy bookmarklet

Use the EZproxy bookmarklet. This lets you manually add the proxy server information when you arrive at a page from a link or web search without first going back to the Library web site.

  • To install the bookmarklet, simply drag and drop this link EZproxy HINN to your browser toolbar.

  • Then, when viewing an article or journal, click the "EZproxy HINN" bookmark in your toolbar to login in and access the full-text if INN University has a subscription.

The bookmarklet is most helpful if you often search for articles when you’re not on the INN University network, and you have not started your search from the Library web site:

Remember that the bookmarklet will attempt to proxy any website, whether we license that content or not.

Watch this video to see a demonstration of EZproxy Bookmarklet (in norwegian):

How to create links to databases and articles that work from home?

If you want a link that works outside the university college's network, you can rarely copy the link you find in the address field in your browser. This proxy prefix must be added to the beginning of the URL link:

In order to avoid doing this manually you can use the "proxy tool" below. Copy the URL you want to use into the box (remember to copy “http:” as well) and click on “add proxy prefix”.


Chrome browser extension

The extension got same functionality as the bookmarklet.

  • Install the EZproxy Redirect
  • Right click on the extension’s icon in your toolbar and select ‘Options’
  • Select "Høgskolen i Innlandet" from the list of available institutions and click save

Any questions or access problems?

Do let us know. Send an e-mail to
The more details we have, the better we would be able to fix the problem. If possible attach a print screen. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.