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How to use Oria?

Oria is the library search engine. Learn how to use it here. 

What can you find in Oria? 

You will find books, articles, journals, theses, films, and much more in Oria.  

You can choose to only look for physical documents, e-books, or full-text online documents from our databases. 

It is possible to search for documents in other academic libraries in Norway by choosing “Norwegian Academic Libraries”  in the menu to the left of the search box.

Frequently asked questions regarding Oria

Why sign in to Oria?

Signing in provides access to:

  • Reserve books
  • Order books from other libraries
  • Renew your loans
  • Access your search history and saved items


What is “My Account”?

Your “My Account” provides an overview of all active loans and requests.

It is also where you can renew your loans.

You must sign in to access “My account”.

  • How to renew loans

I get zero matches!

Firstly, make sure you have spelled all words correctly.

If you are unsure about the title or author, you can try truncation.


If you wish to find a specific…

Book: Expand your search to «Norwegian Academic Libraries».

Article: Check the box «Include material your institution does not have access to» in the right-side menu.

You will then get results with books and articles that are not available at INN University, but that can be ordered.


I cannot find the article or the book!

Check the tips under "I get zero matches!"

Still cannot find the article or the book?

Please order by filling out this form: Order a book or an article that you couldn't find in Oria

Oria Search

Search tips 

Search for keywords, title, or author.  

Tweak the results in the right-hand menu, for instance by resource type, language, or library.

Search tips 

  • Make sure you spell correctly. 
  • Use quotation marks around phrases. 
    Example: "marketing research" You will only get matches that contain both words. Without quotation marks, you will get matches with just marketing and just research.  
    This is useful when searching for specific titles, for instance: «The Logic of Scientific Discovery». 
  • Use the truncation symbol * to search for all suffixes of a word. 
    Example: mark* results in matches for marketing, marketplace, marketable, etc.  
  • Search for synonyms. 
    Example: feedback OR response (OR between the words will result in matches with one or more of the words) 
  • Use advanced search for a more precise search, for instance for the title, keywords, etc.  

Remember to use more general search words when looking for books.  

Use as precise terms as possible when searching for articles.