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Borrowing and ordering

Both students and staff at HINN, as well as external users, are welcome to borrow materials from our collection.

You can search for books, journals and articles, etc. using Oria. For help, see How to use Oria.

You can borrow books yourself at the automatic circulation machine. Remember your student card. Please contact the library staff if you need assistance.

Library card

A library card is required to borrow items from the library.

Students: Your student card is also your library card. You are automatically registered as a patron at the library.

Employees: Your staff card is also your library card. You might have to contact your campus library in order to activate your card the first time.

External users including students/staff from other universities: You can be registered as a patron by showing up in person bringing a valid ID. If you have a library card from another library/institution, you can bring this as well.

How long is the loan period?

  • 4 weeks is the regular loan period

  • 1 week is the loan period for journals and films. Please note that not all libraries lend journals.

The due date is printed on the receipt you get using the automatic circulation machine. You will also find the due date by signing in to your account in Oria.

Renewing loans 

Loans are automatically renewed five times if there is no waiting list. Then they must be returned. If you want to renew your inter-library loans, please contact your library.

Requested items will not be renewed.


You can renew your loans in Oria (requires signing in).

  • Go to Oria and click [Sign in] in the top right corner
  • Select Login: [Feide For students and employees at INN]
  • Go to [My Account] by clicking on your name in the top right corner
  • Click [Renew all] to renew all loans or [Renew] selected documents

External users can sign in using their username/password or registered email.

Loans cannot be renewed if:

  • there is a waiting list
  • you have renewed the loan five times. You can bring the books to the library, return them, and borrow them again if there is no waiting list.
  • you have a claim

Please contact the library if you have problems renewing documents.

Ordering and reserving books

You can order books that are on loan or that are not available at your library. When ordering you will be put on the waiting list and receive a message when the book becomes available.

  • Search for the book in Oria
  • Sign in and order the book using the «Request»-button
  • Choose desired pickup location and click the «Request»-button

Not on campus?

Students who are not on campus, can order books and have them sent to a local library.

When ordering in Oria, choose «Delivery to address – other library» (please write which one). You will get an email when the document is sent to your desired library.

If you live nearby another university college or university library, you can ask them to be a library user. You can then borrow materials from their collection. Your student card is your library card.

You can also use your nearest public library. They can assist you in borrowing materials from other libraries as well (inter-library loan).

Do I get a message when reserved/requested books can be collected?

  • When the requested book is ready for collection, you will receive an SMS or email with a hold number.
  • Collect the requested materials yourself at the pickup shelf. Please remember your physical student/staff card.
  • All materials except copies of articles, must be checked out at the automatic circulation machine.
  • Requested books must be picked up within seven days. Please contact the library if you cannot make it.

Ordering books and articles that the HINN libraries do not have

You can order books and articles that are not available at HINN from other libraries (inter-library loan).

  • Ordered books will usually arrive in 1–2 weeks
  • Copies of articles will usually arrive in 1–2 days

Please note that loans from other libraries are offered to students and staff at HINN. We only borrow literature for use in studies and research at HINN. Please contact your public library for the need of recreational reading.

Ordering books

Cannot find the book you are searching for in Oria?

Select «Norwegian Academic Libraries» in the menu to the left of the search box. This includes books from other Norwegian academic libraries in your search.

Printscreen of search

Now you can order and reserve books as usual.

If you still cannot find the item you are searching for, please order by filling out this form or by sending an email to your campus library.

Ordering articles

Cannot find the article you are searching for in Oria?

Check the box «Include material your institution doesn’t have access to» to the right of the result list. You will now find more articles from databases that can be ordered.

Printscreen of including materials your institution doesn't have access to

  • Sign in and order the article using the «Resource Sharing Request»-button
  • Choose desired pickup/delivery location and click the «Request»-button

Suggest a purchase

Do you have a suggestion for acquisition to the library?

Suggest a purchase

How to return books? 

You can return library materials:

  • using the automatic circulation machine
  • at the book returns or reservation box

You can return books to whichever HINN library you like.

Have you gone home?

Ask your local library if they may send back books borrowed at other libraries. Most libraries do.

Return books by ordinary mail. Contact information for your library.

Please be aware when returning a book at a library other than one of the HINN libraries, it will take some time before the loan is registered as returned in our system. The book is not returned until it is physically received at one of the HINN libraries. This implies that you can receive a reminder in the meantime.

Patrons are responsible for returning library materials.

What happens when the loan period is up?

  • You will receive a reminder on the date the loan is due.
  • If you do not return or renew your loans, you will receive a second reminder before a compensation claim.
  • If an item is lost or damaged, you can compensate for the loss by purchasing a new item. The replacement item must be the same edition or newer as the lost/damaged one.
  • Once the compensation claim has been sent, it must be paid even if the loan is returned afterwards.
  • Currently, the replacement fee is NOK 700 per item. More expensive materials will have a higher replacement fee.
  • Unsettled compensation claims can be sent for debt collection.

Lost or damaged materials?

Please contact your library if you cannot find the borrowed book or it has been damaged. In such cases, you can compensate for the loss by purchasing a new item or paying a replacement fee.  

Payment of compensation claims

Loan policy 

Loan policy at INN university Library