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Eirik Askerøi

Eirik Askerøi


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+47 62 51 76 17

Faculty of education
Department of Arts and Cultural Studies
Campus Hamar

Short description

Eirik Askerøi is associate professor in popular music at Inland Norway University of applied sciences. His research interests include production aesthetics, popular music, cultural theory, and discursive analysis. He has published on Morrissey, Johnny Cash and Beck as well as perspectives on teaching studio production and on children's muisic. Besides his academic activities, he works as a professional musician and producer.


2021: Askerøi, E. & Vestad, I. L. 'Singing Like a Child: Transgressive Girlhood in the Music Classroom'. In Blix, H. S., Onsrud, S. V. & Vestad, I. L. (Eds.),  Gender Issues in Scandinaivan Music Education: From Sterotypes to Multiple Possibilities. London & New York: Routledge.

2021: Askerøi, E.  'Transmissions: Sonic Markers of Difference in the Sound of Joy Division'Punk & Post-Punk 10 (2). 

2020: Askerøi, E., Hansen, K. A., & Jarman, F. (Eds.).   Popular Musicology and Identity: Essays in Honour of Stan Hawkins. London & New York: Routledge.

2020: Askerøi, E.   'Sound i Historisk Perspektiv: Oppdagelse, Naturalisering, Kanonisering'. In Eiksund, Ø. J., Angelo, E. & Knigge, J. (Eds.), MusPed: Music Technology in Education: Channeling and Challenging Perspectives. Oslo: Cappelen Damm Akademisk.

2020: Askerøi, E.  Book review: Elektrisk lyd i Norge fra 1930 til 2005 by J. RudiStudia Musicologica Norvegica, 46 (1): 94-95. 

2017: Askerøi, Eirik.   ‘Spectres of Masculinity: Markers of Vulnerability and Nostalgia in Johnny Cash’. In S. Hawkins (Ed.), The Routledge Research Companion to Popular Music and Gender. London and New York: Routledge. 

2017: Askerøi, Eirik.   ‘Pop Music for Kids: Sonic Markers as Narrative Strategies in Children’s Music’. InFormation - Nordic Journal of Art and Research, 6 (2): 1-13. 

2017: Askerøi, Eirik, and André Viervoll.   ‘Musical Listening: Teaching Studio Production in an Academic Institution’. In G. D. Smith, M. Brennan, P. Kirkman, Z. Moir, & S. Rambarran (Eds.), The Routledge Research Companion to Popular Music Education. London and New York: Routledge.

2016: Askerøi, Eirik.   ‘Who is Beck? Sonic Markers as a Compositional Tool in Popular Music’. Popular Music 35 (3): 380-95. 

2013: Askerøi, Eirik.   Reading Pop Production: Sonic Markers and Musical Identity. (PhD), University of Agder, Kristiansand.  

2011: Askerøi, Eirik.   ‘No Love in Modern Life: Matters of Performance and Production in a Morrissey Song’. In Morrissey: Fandom, Representations and Identities, edited by Eoin Devereux, Aileen Dillane, and Martin J. Power, 207-23. Bristol: Intellect Books.

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