New study opportunities following the war in Ukraine

INN University offers refugees educational programmes in Norwegian and English. These programmes have been created as a result of the war in Ukraine.

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“We are happy to welcome refugees as applicants. The two programmes will provide them with a good basis for further education at universities or university colleges, or language skills that are important when looking for a job,” says Morten Ørbeck, dean of the Faculty of Education at INN University.

50 new study place openings at INN University

The educational programmes are the result of extra grants from the government as a consequence of the war in Ukraine. The government created a total of 1,000 study places intended for refugees.

Through the grant, INN University received 50 extra study places and has developed two unique programmes for part-time studies for refugees: one in Norwegian language and culture and one in English. Each of the study programmes offers 30 credits and consists of two modules that award 15 credits each.

“The application deadline is 15 October, and the courses will start already in November,” says Morten Ørbeck.

The refugees must apply through local admissions. 

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    Great commitment from employees

    From the government's side, the new study places are intended for applicants who are registered and located in Norway when they apply.

    All refugees in this situation can apply for the places, regardless of whether their circumstances were created as a result of the refugee situation caused by the war in Ukraine.

    “There is a great will among the staff at the institution to develop and implement the new programmes. Many have wanted to contribute to helping the refugees. Our students can also become involved in the study programmes through work as learning assistants on the relevant courses,” says Ørbeck.

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