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Where to publish?

When publishing your research results there are several things to keep in mind. How can you spread your research as much as possible? Who are your primary target group and how can you reach them? Do you have the opportunity to publish with open access, and are there publishing costs?

Consider this when you are choosing a journal or publisher: 

  • Which journals cover articles on topics that are relevant to you?
  • Where do your professional role models publish?
  • Is the publishing channel approved as scientific in the Norwegian publication indicator?
  • How visible and findable will the article be if you publish in a given journal?
  • Is the journal indexed in the most important search services and databases?
  • Can you publish with open access?
  • Do you retain the copyright to share your article if you publish in a given journal?

Further down the page you can read more about the various recommendations. Do you need advice? You can ask a librarian! We can help you identify relevant publishing channels.

HINN’s publication policy and national guidelines 

HINN’s publication policy (only in Norwegian) is based on Norway’s National goals and guidelines for open access to scientific articles, which state that scientific articles from publicly funded research are to be made openly available. Researchers shall examine the possibilities for publishing their articles in open access journals and choose open access journals where academically acceptable. Only in exceptional circumstances may articles that are publicly funded be published in journals that do not allow the article to be made available in an academic repository.

Identify relevant journals in the the Norwegian Register for Scientific Journals, Series and Publishers

We recommend the Norwegian register for scientific publishing channels to find relevant journals that are approved as scientific in the Norwegian publication indicator. You can choose the advanced search option and refine by, for example, subject area. 
You can also search for relevant journals in Oria or in databases such as the Web of Science of Scopus.

Publication points in the Norwegian publication indicator

To achieve publishing point in the Norwegian system, your publication must meet the requirements for a scientific publication and the journal or publisher must be approved at level 1 or 2 in the publication system. All approved publishing channels are at level 1 or level 2. A channel at level 1 meets the minimum requirements for a scientific channel. Level 2 covers the most prestigious and rigorous channels, which publish 20 per cent of the publications within its subject field Scientific publications at level 2 give more publication points than at level 1.

Suggesting new channels in level 2

Strategic academic units (scientific panels) in Universities Norway (UHR) assess the publication channels' level classification in their specific scientific field. If you wish to propose journals for level 2 or comment directly to the responsible scientific panel, you can do this on the respective scientific field's page.

Open Access

How to publish with Open Access?

Publishing with open access means your publication is openly available to anyone. There are many different ways to publish open access. Norway’s national guidelines for open access to scientific articles, and several research funders require that research results are published with open access. 

You can apply to HINN for financial support to cover publication fees (APC) in approved Open Access journals. 
HINN has also entered into agreements for Open Access publishing with several publishers. Some of the agreements offer discounts on APC (article processing charges), while other deals cover the whole APC. 
You should also make your publications openly available by archiving your research results in HINNs digital repository Brage.

Predatory publishers and questionable conferences

Be careful when someone who wants to publish your research contacts you. Not all of these represent serious publishing channels. Not all who get in touch are frauds, but beware. If an offer seems too good to be true, it probably is just that. 
Before accepting an invitation to publish, always consider: 


  • Check with colleagues to see if they have attended the conference in question.
  • Check Think. Check. Attend for more information
  • Do a Google search for the conference title, organiser etc. Other people often write about their experiences with scam conferences.

Feel free to contact the library for advice on publication channels.

Additional resources

Feel free to contact the library for advice on publication channels.

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