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Magnus Esmark

Magnus Esmark

Assistant Professor

Phone number
+47 62 43 01 84

Campus Lillehammer

Short description

I am an assistant professor of law, and work specifically with national reception of EU law. Right now, I am working on a project about how Norwegian jurists have thought about the relationship between national law and EEA law respectively. I combine qualitative studies of Norwegian EEA literature with data about the social position of central actors on the Norwegian legal field.

I hold a law degree (2019) and a PhD (2022) from the University of Copenhagen. In my thesis, titled "Without Verona Walls. The Production of Danish European Law 1973-2020", I deal with the social reception of EU law between Danish jurists. Using Bourdieu's notions of field and capital, I seek to explain the so-called "European integration" as a question of national struggles over symbolic dominans. The thesis engages with the concrete application of rules, and uses a broad selection of empirical data to shed light on this without starting from the presumed normativity of law itself.


  • Esmark, Magnus; Olsen, Henrik Palmer; Byrne, William Hamilton & Larsen, Matthias Smed (2022). Adjudicating national contexts – Domestic particularity in the practices of the European Court of Human Rights? German Law Journal. ISSN 2071-8322. 23(4), p. 465–492. doi: 10.1017/glj.2022.29.
  • Christensen, Martin Lolle; Esmark, Magnus & Olsen, Henrik Palmer (2021). Kapitel 7: Uoverskuelige mængder ret, De juridiske metoder – ti bud. Hans Reitzels Forlag. ISSN 9788741275093. p. 159–188.
  • Esmark, Magnus (2020). "Le droit communautaire – c’est moi !": Statsmonopol, national ret og euro-integrationisme i tiden efter Danmarks indtræden i EF. Praktiske grunde. Tidsskrift for kultur og samfunnsvitenskab. ISSN 1902-2271. p. 23–42. Full text in Research Archive
  • Esmark, Magnus & Olsen, Henrik Palmer (2020). Needles in a haystack: Using network analysis to identify cases that are cited for general principles of law by the European Court of Human Rights. In Whalen, Ryan (Eds.), Computational Legal Studies - The Promise and Challenge of Data-Driven Research. Edward Elgar Publishing. ISSN 978 1 78897 744 9. p. 293–311.
  • Esmark, Magnus & Olsen, Henrik Palmer (2018). Datalogisk retsforskning: Kan algoritmer finde juridisk centrale domme afsagt af EMD? Retfærd. Nordisk Juridisk Tidsskrift. ISSN 0105-1121. p. 61–80.
  • Esmark, Magnus (2017). Andelsboligsektoren har brug for en time-out. Retskraft – Copenhagen Journal of Legal Studies. ISSN 2596-4097. 1(1), p. 47–68. Full text in Research Archive

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  • Esmark, Magnus (2022). Without Verona Walls. Danish European Union Law 1973 – 2020. Københavns Universitet.

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