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RLS1007 Internationalisation at home


By passing the course, the student has gained the following learning outcomes:

1: Knowledge

The student:

  • Has knowledge of internationalisation in higher education, and in depth knowledge on student exchange.
  • Has knowledge about INN University’s internationalisation strategy.
  • Is familiar with networking across cultures.
  • Has knowledge of intercultural understanding and communication.
  • Is familiar with project management.

2: Skills 

The student can:

  • Recognize the existence and importance of intercultural competencies and diverse cultural perspectives.
  • Communicate fluently in English (by daily use throughout the semester).
  • Plan and implement projects and small scale and events.
  • Set up a budget.
  • Communicate through social media through event planning and marketing.
  • Work in a team with fellow students from different academic fields.

3: General competence 

The student can:

  • Execute a project plan according to budget, timeline and appointed tasks.
  • Work in a team on several continuous projects for a full semester.


In accordance with The Norwegian Government’s enhanced focus on the importance of ensuring a good social learning environment for all students at Norwegian HEIs, INN University has made integration of international students a priority. In addition to finding their way in a new University, the international students face a wide range of cultural challenges when they move to Norway. The Buddy programme smoothens this challenging transition and helps facilitate the student integration at INN University.

The course Internationalisation at home offers both Norwegian and international students the opportunity to engage in INN’s internationalisation efforts by becoming buddies for new international students. The buddies help establish a good environment for international students at all campuses, by planning and arranging a wide spectre of social events and by assisting the international students throughout the semester.

During the course, the Buddy will be assigned several tasks such as:

  • Communication with international students prior to arrival.
  • Assist students with a wide range of practical matters upon arrival (pick-up at train station, accompany to student housing, show around campus and the city, get bus cards, etc.).
  • Assist the students throughout the semester.
  • Facilitate integration between international and Norwegian students.
  • Work in teams to organise and execute events/social events and trips.

In addition, the Buddies must participate at a combination of meetings and seminars addressing topics of 1) internationalisation, 2) cultural understanding, 3) global competence and the 4) use of social media.


Prerequisites to apply:

Minimum one semester must be completed at INN University. Both Norwegian and international Bachelor and Master students can apply.

Criteria for student selection:

  • Completed semester abroad (not mandatory).
  • English language skills, both written and orally (minimum level: B1).
  • Average grade from INN University.
  • Personal characteristics and/or relevant skills

To determine the selection, the International coordinator will invite the best applicants to an interview. The interview will be conducted in English.

Arbeids- og undervisningsformer


Obligatoriske krav som må være godkjent før eksamen kan avlegges

To pass the course, the following mandatory requirements must be met:

  • Seminars/meetings: Minimum 80% participation. The student must attend and contribute actively in the discussions on topics of 1) internationalisation, 2) cultural understanding, 3) global competence and 4) the use of social media.
  • Pick-up and assistance: The student must pick-up his/her assigned international students, and assist all international students throughout the semester.
  • Planning and organising activities and events: The student must work in teams and contribute actively in the organisation and execution of social and other events during the semester.


A final report (2000 words +/- 10%, aprox. 6 A4 pages). The student shall use his/her buddy-experience and the curriculum as a starting point for written reflections on internationalisation at INN University, cultural understanding/tolerance and cultural competences.