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Masaryk University Summer School

Masaryk University Summer School

Vår mest aktive partnerinstitusjon i Tsjekkia - Masaryk University arrangerer sommerskole. 

Please visit the website to get a full picture of the available programs. Below is the list of the programs designed for students from partner institutions, hence I would like to draw their (and your) attention especially to them. Particularly so, as they (students from partner institutions) will be entitled to full or partial tuition waivers (in most cases amounting to 500 Euros).

  1. World in Transition and Central European Transformation: Lessons Learnt (18 June – 9 July), field trips to Prague, Vienna and Budapest (2 nights in each place); Full fee: 1,700 EUR; credit value: 8 ECTS
  2. Authors’ Reading Month: Guest of Honour Turkey, aka Turkish Academy (1-29 July, participation from a week to the whole month is feasible). This is a brand new program that looks at contemporary and historical Turkey, not just through a conventional academic program, but also through meetings with living Turkish intellectuals and writers (one night a different person, i.e. 31 in total).
  3. Central Europe – A Birthplace of Modernity (July), field trips to Prague and Vienna (TBC); Full fee: TBC; credit value: 6 ECTS
  4. Summer Lab Research Interships at Masaryk University (28 May – 20 July) - combination of supervised lab work with a rich cultural program on Central Europe. Field trips to Prague, Budapest and Vienna; Full fee: 2,500 EUR; credit value: 15 ECTS
  5. Global Perspectives: Media, Communication, Culture (12 May – 5 June); field trips to Vienna, Budapest, Prague (2 nights in each place); Full fee: 3,000 EUR; credit value: 8 ECTS

All the programs above are based in Brno, at Masaryk University, taught by local and international faculty. The package includes all the tuition, issuance of transcripts, etc., housing for the whole duration of the programs, transportation and accommodation on the field trips (to the designed cities), rich cultural and social program, and some meals (at least quite opulent opening and closing receptions).

We have been running the summer programs since 2004, and since then developed very professional and academically enriching programs in very relaxed and friendly atmosphere, with students satisfactions being extremely high.