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Artistic research café med Filmskolen


This artistic café presents the halfway evaluation of artistic research fellow Elin Festøy's research project "NUMB". Festøy's field of study is emotionally charged interactions in non-fiction and how they can be used to create empathy.

Her work follows up on the experiences from the mobile game project "My Child Lebensborn" and the transmedia project exploring the situation for Children Born of War. For her research project, she explores a main challenge for these children: "How adults can look at a child and see an enemy".

Festøy will present video and early sketches for the VR project "Otherself", which focuses heavily on the participant's own user journey as an indirect way of storytelling. The halfway evaluation will include Festøy's presentation, a conversation with the opponent and open dialogue with the audience.

Elin Festøy is an artistic research fellow at The Norwegian Film School. She is a creative producer working mainly in new digital formats through her production company Teknopilot AS. She won a BAFTA for Game beyond Entertainment with her mobile game "My Child Lebensborn", part of a larger transmedia project on Children Born of War. Festøy holds a Master in English literature and a master in digital communication, and additional computer science studies. She has an extensive background as a technology journalist and editor-in-chief in the Norwegian tech press.

The invited opponent is Ivar Kjellmo, associate professor at Westerdal's Institute for film and media, Kristiania University College.