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Thomas Egan

+47 902 67 099
Fakultet for lærerutdanning og pedagogikk
Rom: 2C256-5
Alf Prøysens Hus (Hovedbygg fløy C – nyeste del)
Holsetgata 31 N-2318 Hamar
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Høgskolen i Innlandet
Postboks 400
2418 Elverum


I am Emeritus Professor of English Linguistics at Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences, where I have worked since 1992, with the exception of two years when I held the post of Director of the Norwegian Study Centre at the University of York. My research interests encompass topics within the areas of corpus linguistics, contrastive linguistics, cognitive linguistics and historical linguistics, including grammaticalisation. I wrote the chapter on coordination and subordination in the Oxford Handbook of English Grammar (OUP, 2020) and I am a member of the editorial board of the Journal Languages in Contrast. I have read papers at more than fifty academic conferences and published some forty articles, as well as a monograph on complementation, entitled Non-finite complementation: a usage-based study of infinitive and –ing clauses in English (Rodopi, 2008). More recently I have (co-)authored some dozen articles contrasting various prepositional constructions in English and French and/or Swedish and Norwegian. I am at present working on a study of a handful of ditransitive cognate verbs in English and Norwegian, coding actions of giving, telling, sending, bringing, lending and serving.


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