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Ole Kristian Hedemann

+47 61 28 80 44
+47 959 44 215
Fakultet for audiovisuelle medier og kreativ teknologi
Institutt for TV-utdanninger – TV-skolen
Studiested Lillehammer
Vormstuguvegen 2
2624 Lillehammer
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Høgskolen i Innlandet
Postboks 400
2418 Elverum


OLE HEDEMANN (born 1960) started as Professor at the Institute for TV-Educations in Lillehammer (the TV School) on March 1st 2020. He came from a position as a content developer and Head of Formats at NRK – the Norwegian Broadcasting Cooperation.

After spending early years touring Norway as a rock musician, he entered the Media business in the late 80’s and was a radio host and news reporter at NRKs regional offices in capital Oslo from 1991. Five years later he started making TV, again as a host and reporter, before moving to NRKs main consumer show in 2000. From 2003 he became Editor for NRKs factual entertainment slate.

In 2005 he became NRKs first editorial Head of Development in the Factual department. Introducing the NABC method as a development tool, he was asked to join a new born Content Development department in 2007 and has been there ever since. From 2011 he became responsible for the roll-out of NRK’s formats to the international market. Among the formats he has brought to the market: unscripted successes like Teenage boss, Never Ever do this at home and Doctors vs Internet, and scripted successes like Eyewitness, Mammon and lately smash hit SKAM.

In 2011 he released his first text book on how to develop content in Media (Ideutvikling I Mediehuset). In 2018 another text book was published, on TV Formats (TV-formater – fra Kvitt eller dobbelt til SKAM), both in Norwegian only so far.  In addition to teaching and guiding future TV executives at Lillehammer, he teaches at different Universities and Colleges in Norway and abroad.


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