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Miranda Thurston

Fakultet for helse- og sosialvitenskap
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Miranda joined Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences in August 2011 as a full-time Professor of Public health to lead the Faculty’s new Masters in Public Health Sciences, having occupied a Professor II position for the previous two years. Prior to this, she was the Director of the Centre for Public Health Research at the University of Chester for twelve years where she was responsible for externally commissioned research and consultancy projects. She also supervised a number of PhD projects and taught on the Centre’s two Masters programmes (MSc. Public Health and MSc in Research Methods).

Miranda completed her Doctorate on the cell kinetics of normal and abnormal human bone growth whilst working as a research assistant at St Bartholomew’s Medical College, University of London. Miranda is a qualified teacher and taught in the secondary education sector for two years after completing her PhD.

Research Interests

While at the Centre for Public Health Research, Miranda developed a specific interest in evaluation through involvement in commissioned evaluation studies concerned with the implementation of national policy initiatives at a local level. This involved designing evaluation strategies for complex community-based interventions such as Sure Start, Healthy Living Centres and Children’s Fund local programmes, as well as for specific interventions such as exercise on prescription and weight management schemes.

Miranda also has an interest in participatory research and has undertaken work with disabled parents and other potentially marginalised groups, focusing on understanding ‘lay’ views of health, care and support needs.

She has a specific interest in the lives of children and young people, particularly in terms of engagement in school, physical activity and mental health. She is currently Principal Investigator for the Schools, Learning and Mental Health research project ( funded by the Norwegian Research Council.

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