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Laila Førsund

Fakultet for helse- og sosialvitenskap
Seksjon for master i sosialfaglig arbeid
Studiested Lillehammer
Vormstuguvegen 2
2624 Lillehammer
Vis i kart
Høgskolen i Innlandet
Postboks 400
2418 Elverum


Master i Sosialantropologi, UIO


PhD-project: Waithood and the Quest for Manhood -  a study of young male migrants waiting for the future to start

The PhD-project is about young male migrants waiting in asylum reception centres in Norway. It is about migrant youths and their negotiating strategies of waiting and waithood, what it might mean to be caught “betweext and between”, and their strategies or struggles to achieve and demonstrate identity and masculinity while “dead-time” is passing. Recent tightening of the asylum practice in Norway include an extended use of temporary permits for unaccompanied minors, and limiting immigrants’ rights, benefits and status, when failing to document their identity. As a result, migrants with indefinite status, waiting in uncertainty, with less prospects of being resettled into Norwegian society, compose a growing proportion of residents at asylum reception centres. The study aims at understanding how waiting and waithood shape these boys and young men on their way to becoming adults, and intends to shed light on practices of inclusion/exclusion, and consequences of later integration and participation in Norwegian society. The research is ethnographic and includes 6-9 months fieldwork with participant observation among residents at asylum residence centres.