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Ana Lucia Lennert Da Silva

Fakultet for lærerutdanning og pedagogikk
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Ana Lucia holds a Master Degree in Comparative and International Education, from the University of Oslo, and a Master Degree in Social Sciences in Education, from the State University of Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil. She has bachelors in Sociology and Political Sciences and teaching habilitation in primary and secondary education, from the State University of Campinas. She also took part in exchanges programmes in the University of Littoral, Santa Fé, Argentina, and Latin American Social Sciences Institute, Buenos Aires, Argentina. She worked as a Sociology teacher in secondary Education in Brazil and has experience working as assistant in kindergartens in Norway.


Ana Lucia is concerned with studying education from teachers' perspectives. In her Master studies from Brazil, she studied the working conditions and relations of teachers working with the subject of Sociology in secondary education. The intermittent character of this subject in the national curriculum affected teachers’ roles, relations and practices as professionals. However, despite the difficult working conditions and the invisibility of their subject in schools, they were able to create strategies to enter and continue in the teaching profession. In her Master studies from Norway, she studied how teachers perceived and described the idea of competences in the national curriculum of Brazil and Norway. Both countries have implemented educational reforms in the 2000s, incorporating the concept of competences, following an international trend prompted by international large-scale studies, such as PISA. In her PhD study, she studies how accountability, manifested in the use of data of large-scale studies and other practices to display and evaluate the work of teachers, impacts on teacher autonomy in lower-secondary schools in Brazil and Norway.

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