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Gunvald Axner Ims

Gunvald Axner Ims


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Fakultet for lærerutdanning og pedagogikk
Institutt for nordisk språk og litteratur
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Språk- og litteraturviter med erfaring som underviser, sensor, veileder og oversetter (av mest tyrkisk skjønnlitteratur), doktorgrad i Tyrkiske språk og årsenhet i Nordisk språk og litteratur.


2008–20            Doktorgrad i Tyrkiske språk  Uppsala U

PhD Studies in Turkic Languages consisted of two parts, the first of which comprised altogether 12 different subjects in the fields of comparative literature, and linguistics, with a focus on comparative turcology, and the second of which involved the writing of my dissertation, Conflicted Selves. Ironic Representations of Westernization in Three Twentieth-century Turkish Novels.

2012–19        Pedagogikkemner  Uppsala U og UiO

Practical Pedagogy for High School Teachers (PPU), with praxis in the subjects of Media and Communication, and Religion and Philosophy, U of Oslo 2017–19.

Supervision of Graduate Students, Uppsala U, 2014.

Introduction to Pedagogy for University Teachers, Uppsala U, 2012.

2017-18         Årsenhet i Nordisk språk og litteratur  UiO

This study program focused on Scandinavian languages and literature and included courses in Second Language Education.

2004–06     Master i tyrkisk UiO

My MA was achieved at the Program for Asian and African Studies at U of Oslo. The first year I combined Comparative Literature courses with courses in Turcology, and Ottoman and Turkish Language and Literature. The second year I wrote my MA dissertation about Orhan Pamuk’s novel Kar (Snow), where I scrutinized representations of the author as well as of references to Turkish realities in Pamuk’s fiction. See Orhan Pamuk. Om sjølframstilling og tyrkiske miniatyrer i Kar.

1999–03     Interfakultær cand.mag.  UiO

As an undergraduate I majored in three programs and received a joint degree of ‘Interfacultary Cand.Mag.’ consistent of:

2 years of studies in Turkish, Middle Eastern and North African Studies, Literature in the Middle East and North Africa, and Comparative Literature, at U of Oslo, 2002–2004.

1,5 years of studies in Christianity, Other Religions and Philosophy, at Fjellhaug International University College, and MF, Norwegian School of Theology, Religion and Society, 2001–2003.

2 years of studies in Journalism, at Gimlekollen School of Journalism and Communication, 2000–2002.


Medlem av Forskarkollegiet tilknyttet Svenska forskningsinstitutet i Istanbul (SFII) og Norsk oversetterforening (NO).

Publikasjoner i Cristin og Diva.




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