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Training / taught component

The faculties are responsible for ensuring that the training / taught component along with the dissertation, provide education at a high academic level and in accordance with international standards.

In addition to the completion of a research work, this part of your studies will provide training in academic dissemination and introduction to research ethics, philosophy of science, and the scientific method.

The PhD programme of study must be planned so that it can be completed within a standard timeframe, but the academic offerings for the PhD programmes may vary from semester to semester. Course information is updated continuously for all PhD programmes at INN University on the PhD programmes’ webpages.

All PhD programmes have a portion of compulsory courses. The rest of the courses are elective, and can be taken at INN University or at other degree-awarding institutions.

However, courses at other institutions must be recommended by your supervisor and approved by the PhD programme. PhD candidates can obtain pre-approval of external courses when possible, based on available documentation (course description and syllabus). For this purpose, please fill out the form below with title:

After the course is completed, an application should be made for the approval of the course, and the transcript of records or the course certificate should be attached to the application. For this purpose, the following form must be sent to the coordinator at the PhD programme:

The same form can be used if the PhD candidate has not applied for pre-approval of a course, but then the course description and syllabus or equivalent must be attached to the form as well.

The training / taught component must be completed and approved before the PhD thesis is submitted. Only external courses which have been approved as part of the training / taught component will be included in the PhD diploma. The application must be sent to the PhD coordinator of the relevant PhD programme. The PhD in Teaching and Teacher Education (TTE) programme uses its own form, while the other PhD programmes use the following:

In addition to courses, the PhD programmes host seminars and arrange other activities. It is therefore important that you familiarize yourself with the provisions that apply to your PhD programme. There may be different requirements for enrolment, active and compulsory participation in seminars, and which activities award credits.

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