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Midway Evaluation 

Midway evaluation

A midway evaluation of the doctoral work should take place in the third or fourth semester. The PhD candidate shall present her/his work to a person or group appointed by the PhD Committee at the faculty. The evaluation will assess the academic status and progress of the doctoral work, and feedback will be given to the candidate, the supervisor and the PhD Committee.

The purpose of midway evaluation is to ensure candidates will be assessed in terms of how the project stands regarding a prospective completion as scheduled. The evaluation aims to identify the need for measures that can contribute to completion at the appointed time and necessary measures for raising the quality of the research work.

The faculty is responsible for the completion of midway evaluation for the candidates associated with the programme; this applies to candidates with external employers, as well.

Progress report

Each year, the PhD candidate and main supervisor shall report to the PhD Committee on progress and any changes in the progress plan. At the PhD programme in Teaching and Teacher Education, reporting must be done each semester.

Progress report takes place in the spring semester, and deadline for submission is June 10th each year.

In the PhD programme in teaching and teacher education, the candidates must report every semester – on both June 10th and in December.

The candidate and supervisor have equal responsibility for reporting. Failure to report or inadequate progress report from the candidate may result in forced termination of the research education prior to the end of the admission period, cf. § 5-6 and §9-1. Supervisors who fail to follow up reporting obligations may be deprived of supervisory responsibilities. 

Progress reports are filled in using designated forms and should be treated confidentially when the information thus requires.

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