Public defence of thesis: Anne Randi Græsli

Anne Randi Græsli will defend her doctoral work in the PhD programme Applied Ecology and Biotechnology at INN University on 09.12.2022.

Portrait photo of Anne Randi Græsli in a forest

Anne Randi Græsli will defend her thesis on 9 December.

Photo: private.

The title of the thesis is: "Ecophysiology of moose - Basic physiology and responses to stressors".

Place: Ferdinand Auditorium at Evenstad campus and digitally via Zoom

Link to Zoom: 

Web-ID: 612 1126 9324. Password: 230092

The trial lecture starts at 11:15. 

The public defence starts at 13:15.

The evaluation committee consists of: 

  • First opponent: Associate Professor Julia Nowack, Liverpool John Mores University, UK
  • Second opponent: Associate Professor Danielle L. Levesque, The University of Maine, USA
  • Third opponent / administrator: Associate Professor Torfinn Jahren (INN University). 

Chair of the Evaluation Committee: Vice Dean for Research, Øyvind G. Antonsen (INN University).

The candidate’s main supervisor has been Associate Professor Alina L. Evans (INN University) and her co-supervisor has been Professor Jon Martin Arnemo (INN University).

Guide to using Zoom

The public defence will be streamed via Zoom Webinar

Join using Zoom Client. All participants must download the program in advance. If you do not have it already, you can obtain it here (free). Select the topmost, "Zoom Client for Meetings".

Log in 5-10 minutes before the start of the session. The people in charge of the sessions are in place 10 minutes before the sessions begin.

Network cable instead of Wi-Fi. It is more reliable to use a fixed network cable than a wireless network, as it minimizes the risk of choppy sound and blurred video.

Using the chat function is not allowed during the trial lecture or public defence. If you have technical questions, these can be sent by e-mail to

If you wish to leave the meeting along the way, press “Leave Meeting” at the bottom of the screen. You will be able to re-join the session by using the same link above.

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