More digital teaching and increased use of home office

INN University is switching to increased digital teaching and digital home exams where it is academically justifiable. There is a transition to increased use of home office, as well. 

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On Tuesday 7 December, the government introduced new COVID-19 measures that apply from Thursday 9 December. The purpose of the measures is to reduce the burden on the healthcare services, and to delay and limit the spread of Omicron, among other things by reducing the number of close contacts.

The emergency preparedness group at INN University has now decided how the institution will follow up the new measures.

See overview of infection control measures at INN University (

Teaching and exams

The most central measures that affect students are increased digital teaching, teaching in smaller groups with a requirement of one-meter’s distance, digital home exams where it is academically sound and practically possible. Exams that must be completed with physical attendance are subject to stricter infection control measures.

“We aim for the restructuring we are now making to apply until February 2022, unless the situation changes before that,” says acting emergency preparedness manager at INN University, Kari Kjærnet. 

Home office

Among the measures that affect INN University's employees are increased use of home office and cancellation of social events on INN University's premises.

“In our prioritization of measures, we have placed emphasis on ensuring students’ teaching and a safe examination. Therefore, the campuses are kept open, but with fewer employees present,” says Kjærnet.

See the government's press release regarding the new COVID-19 measures (

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Published Dec. 10, 2021 1:47 AM - Last modified Dec. 10, 2021 10:40 PM