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Improving Nursing Competence in Indonesia

Developing nursing skills in Banda Aceh in Indonesia was the main focus during a workshop in Elverum.

Participants in Elverum

Participants in Elverum.

Photo: Kjersti Lyngvær/HINN

In October 2022 the Department of Health and Nursing Sciences at Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences (INN University) arranged an international workshop for participants in the project called Capacity Building in Nursing Education in Indonesia (CABNEI).

Educating Nursing Teachers

The target group of the workshop was nurses from the Aceh province in Indonesia.

The aim of the CABNEI project is to raise the competence of nurse educators in Indonesia, Randi Martinsen says. She is an Associate Professor in the Section for Advanced Nursing at INN University, and summarizes the content of the workshop:

The focus of the workshop was to plan and practice simulations to develop teaching in clinical studies.

Important International Project

This is our biggest project, the Dean at the Faculty of Health- and Social Sciences, Per Morten Fredriksen, announced as he welcomed the 31 participants to the workshop on campus Elverum.

The guests from Indonesia were from the following institutions: Akademi Keperewatan Ibnu Sina Kota Sabang (AKIS), Universitas Syiah Kuala, Universitas Muhammadiyah Aceh (UNMUHA) and Jurusan Keperawatan Poltekkes Kemenkes Aceh (POOLTEKKES).

The guests from Scandinavia were from the following institutions: Karlstad University (Sweden), Østfold University college (Norway) and UC SYD (Denmark).

The project is co-financed by the European Union and led by INN University. In 2020 INN University and its partners received 9 million NOK to finance the project. The project was started in 2021, and will be ended by an international conference in Banda Aceh in Indonesia in June 2023.

Increasing Educational Quality

The goal is that the implementation of the project will improve the educational quality at the participating institutions. This will have positive long term effects on health challenges in the population, says Martinsen.

She further explains that the mutual international competence that is developed through such a project will have great effects for all partners involved.  The participants of the CABNEI project will be empowered to act as change agents by introducing innovative teaching methods and by being active participants in renewing the curriculum, says Martinsen.

The Faculty Dean, Fredriksen, agrees to the great value of the cooperation. – This is a very important project to us, and it improves our quality as well.

Bilde av ledere fra Indonesia og Norge for CABNEI
Dr. Hajjul Kamil, (Faculty of Nursing), Dr. Teuku Tahlil, (Faculty of Nursing), Mrs Suwarni Nais (Local Lead Coordinator, representant AKIS), Dr. Abdurrahman (Poltekkes/ repr Ind Nursing Ass Aceh), Prof. Asnawi Abdullah (Unmuha) and Dean Per Morten Fredriksen (Photo: Kjersti Lyngvær/INN University)

Contact information

Picture of Per Morten Fredriksen
+47 62 43 03 69

Picture of Randi E. Martinsen
Associate Professor
+47 62 43 02 52

More information

Project page: Capacity Building in Nursing Education in Indonesia (CABNEI) 

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