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Search for research data provides access to register data from Statistics Norway

logo microdata.noVia, Statistics Norway (SSB) lends register data for research. Here you will find individual data from Statistics Norway on the population, education, income, the labour market, welfare benefits, and much more.

More about microdata and how to access it is designed to provide immediate, application-free and online access to detailed register data for statistical analyzes. You can research individual data without seeing the personal information and without having to report the project to NSD.

How to access is available to researchers, PhD candidates and master's students.

The contact person and the person who manages the access for Høgskolen i Innlandet is the senior academic librarian Mahmood Khosrowjerdi (Elverum Campus).  

You will receive a confirmation via email when the access is in order.

Statistics and analysis

The access applies to all variables that are made available in the system, and you do not need to apply for access to specific variables in advance.
Therefore, offers an interface built on Python with built-in measures that ensure data confidentiality throughout the analysis process. When you use this interface, you do not process personal data. The interface safeguards privacy and at the same time supports well-known analysis techniques and working methods. differs from standard statistics packages in that significantly more metadata (information, data documentation) is fully integrated in the tool. For the same reasons, it is also not possible to connect available data via to your own data.