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Report research findings in Cristin

Cristin is the system used for registration and reporting of research activities. Cristin is also used to submit data on scientific publications to the Ministry of Education.

The purpose is to ensure the quality of reporting of research resources, and to make the research visible.

As a scientific employee, you are responsible for ensuring that scientific publications and activities are registered in Cristin. Training and guidance in Cristin is available from the library's superusers.

Log in to Cristin to registrer

Beware of the annual deadlines!

  • February 1: Deadline for registering publications from the previous year. Do you have publications that are delayed or published after this deadline? Report immediately to the Cristin contact at your department.
  • November 30: Deadline for proposing new publication channels to level 1 for the current publication year.

How to register in Cristin?

It is mandatory to register scientific publications in Cristin. Other results and projects can be registered to help make research and dissemination at HiNN more visible.

Registration of scientific publications

Each employee must register their scientific publications in Cristin.

  • At the same time as registering scientific articles, you can upload the full-text version of your article in Cristin.
  • You must self-archive your scientific journal article in accordance with the author agreement.

You get an overview of all categories for registration by logging in to Cristin and selecting 'Research results - Register results'. Note that conference contributions, professional lectures and interviews must also be registered.

You are free to register previous works that have not already been entered in the database. This can be done at any time, regardless of the deadline.

Search Cristin before registering a result

Results only need to be recorded once. A publication can e.g. be registered by a co-author or imported. Then you only need to check that you are entered with the correct name (linked) and institution affiliation.

Institutional affiliation

Remember that your affiliation with Høgskolen i Innlandet must be clearly stated in the publication in order for the university college to be credited.

The main rule is that you must credit the institution you are employed at when working with the publication, but in some cases an author will credit several institutions at the same time. The publication points are then divided between the institutions. Make sure this is clarified in advance with the nearest manager.

Read more about guidelines for crediting scientific publications to institutions on the websites Norwegian publication indicator and Cristin.

Assessment of scientific publications

A scientific publication must meet the criteria below to be approved as a score:

  • Present new insights
  • Be written primarily for researchers
  • Be in a form that makes the results verifiable or applicable in new research
  • Be published in an approved publication channel with peer review. See overview of approved channels.

The University College Library is responsible for ensuring that what is approved as scoring scientific publications meet the national criteria in the Reporting Instructions.

Publication points

Publication points provide a basis for the distribution of budget funds from the ministry.

The categories that give credit in publication points are monograph (scientific book), scientific article in anthology and article in periodicals and series. The following points are given in points per publication:

Monograph (ISBN/ISSN)

Level 1: 5 points
Level 2: 8 points

Article in anthology (ISBN)

Level 1: 0,7 points
Level 2: 1 points

Article in Periodicals and Series (ISSN)

Level 1: 1 points
Level 2: 3 points


An author's share is any unique combination of author and affiliation.

In 2021, a new level was introduced in the publication system - level X. The level has been introduced for publishing channels where there is doubt about the quality. The channels may be new or not rated earlier, or they may come from level 0 or 1.

Other type of research results

HINN recommends that you register other types of research results, dissemination and artistic activity in Cristin.

Registration of projects

At HINN, all project managers are encouraged to submit their projects to Cristin. This will make it easier for the university college to get a complete overview of the R&D activities.

The projects are made visible and profiled by means of a simple overview with title, content, project manager and participants, responsible institution and source of funding.

Publications and other results, which are registered in Cristin - Research results, are linked to the project. The Research Council of Norway and others who fund research will obtain all information and updates on projects from Cristin’s project module. To connect the publication to the Research Council, you must add the project number from the Research Council.

My research profile

'Researchers - My researcher profile' provides an overall overview of the employee's competence, projects and publications.

Search in researcher profiles is aimed at researchers and other employees at the research institutions, journalists, students and the interested public. See also Cristin's user guide.

Routines and responsibilities in connection with reporting scientific publication

The individual employee. The individual scientific staff registers their research results in Cristin and deposits publications in the university college's institutional archive Brage.
The University College Library

Library Cristin contacts:

  • assists researchers and approves registrations
  • make any corrections
  • checks the bibliographic information and approves the selected category

The library's Cristin responsible:

  • has overall responsibility for registration, quality assurance and approval of the publications
  • prepares reports and assists management with reports and analyzes of publication
  • submits cases of doubt to the publishing committee

The vice dean for research reviews and quality assures lists of publications at his faculty. Vice deans for research make an assessment and possible decision of cases of doubt. The vice dean decides whether there is a need for the case of doubt to be sent to the publishing committee.

The library director presents cases of doubt to the publishing committee.

The publishing committee is presented with the publications on which there is doubt or disagreement and decides on the reporting of these.

The Vice-Rector for Research is responsible for the correct reporting of publication.

Cristin contacts

The library at each campus has Cristin contacts/superusers who guide and inform about how to register and upload full text in Cristin. The librarians ensure the quality of the registered data that is reported to DBH.

Cristin responsible: Sigbjørn Hernes

Elverum: Cecilia Black Fylking

Hamar og Blæstad: Anne-Cathrine Børke Overskott

Lillehammer: Henriette Frisenberg Sundgaard

Rena og Evenstad: Marieke Gonlag-Schrijvers