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Install printer on Mac

This guide explains how to connect to the printer system on your Mac. You must be connected to eduroam or a wired connection at Inland University of Applied Sciences for this to work.

The guide is 5 steps, all are required.

More options

If you want a more advanced printer setup with options for stapling, multi sided print and more you can download the advanced driver. This has to be installed before following the rest of the guide.

Step 1: Open system preferences for printers & scanners

You will find "System preferences" in the Apple menu located at the top left corner of the screen:

"System preferences" in the Apple menu

Select "Printers & Scanners":

System preferences window

Step 2: Add new printer

Under the list of printers, click on the "+"-symbol to add a new printer (bottom left.)

Printers & scanners window

Step 3: Navigate to "Advanced"

If you do not see this option (icon with two gears) you can click on the free space on the toolbar while holding down the "control/ctrl" key and select "Customise Toolbar..." and then drag this icon up to the line at the top as shown in the video below:

Note that this screen may take some time to load.

Step 4: Enter printer information

Click on the new "Advanced" icon and fill inn the following information (Note: Students must use their student number as username):

  • Type: LPD/LPR Host or Printer
  • Device: Another Device
  • URL: lpd://
  • Name:
  • Location: Can be left blank
  • Use: Generic PostScript Printer

It is important the you include your own username/student number in the URL so that you can obtain your prints. Press "Add"

Add printer window

Step 5: Duplex Printing

Select "Duplex Printing Unit" and then press "OK".

Add printer window with duplex printing enabled

The printer is now installed and ready for use.

The printer is successfully added


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