About Rena

There are many opportunities to enjoy a varied and enjoyable leisure time in Rena.    

Main campus in Rena
Photo: INN University

In the centre of the town of Rena lies the campus building.

Inland School of Business and Social Sciences is the only faculty present, with almost 4500 students and over 100 employees.

Destination Rena

Rena is located in Åmot municipality in Østerdalen and is the municipal centre for Åmot. The municipality has just under 4500 inhabitants and is not very large. However, in spite of being small, it offers a wide range of activities and events, both within culture and sport.

Culture and sport

“Kulturhuset” is located in the centre of Rena and has facilities such as a library, a café, and a cinema. It also features concerts and performances. Rena Sports Park (external link) is located in Rena Leir. This is a complete sports centre including a weight room, climbing wall, swimming pool, football and athletics stadium, tennis courts, sand volleyball court, floodlit ski trail – during both summer and winter. It is also possible to exercise at the two gyms located in the centre of Rena.

Outdoor life and challenges

Rena and its surroundings have excellent conditions for a versatile outdoor life; among others, two of Norway's best fishing rivers, Glomma and Renaelva, merge here. In addition, there is an 18-hole golf course, bowling alley, and two smaller ski destinations in the municipality, Rena Alpine and Ski Centre (external link) and Furutangen.

The national centre for skydiving, Østre Æra (external link), Norway's largest skydiving field, is located in the municipality as well.

“Birken” (external link) is arranged annually, starting in Rena, and we have a large trail network that allows for both cycling and skiing – in and around the Birkebeiner trail. 

If you crave other activities, it is possible to take a bus or train to one of the nearby cities, Elverum or Hamar, and Oslo is only 170 km away. It is also a short way to Trysilfjellet (external link), one of Norway's largest ski destinations.

Student involvement

You will also have the opportunity to participate in the student organization ARENA (external link only in Norwegian). The Arena community is run by students at Rena Campus. ARENA's core activities are the ARENA pub and sports activities.

ARENA is at the forefront of events for the students throughout the academic year, such as FadderUKA and UKA, sports matches and happenings, theme parties, concerts and more. 

Teams and associations

As a student in Rena, you will have various opportunities to partake in teams and associations. Rena sports association (external link only in Norwegian) includes, among others, artistic gymnastics, football, and swimming. Other organizations offer skiing and alpine skiing.

Kulturskolen (external link in Norwegian) offers dance classes, theatre classes, as well as instruction of various musical instruments. Some of the activities are free of charge, and some are paid.

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