About Hamar

The city of Hamar is situated in the open and fertile cultural landscape along the banks of Lake Mjøsa.

Students gathered outside Campus Hamar in summer time

Hamar is located not far from Oslo and the Gardermoen airport, and travelling to the beautiful mountains of Rondane or Jotunheimen is also easy.

With almost 3000 students, the Hamar campus provides a vast selection of research-based study programmes within the fields of the humanities, social sciences, teacher education, animation, game technology and biotechnology.

There are diverse study opportunities for both long and short term exchange students, as well as for free movers and degree-seeking students from our worldwide network of Erasmus, Nordplus and bilateral partners. We offer various subjects taught in English from different study cycles, including one-year add-on programmes, bachelors, masters and a PhD degree

Student life in Hamar

As a student, you will benefit from a stimulating and inclusive academic environment matched with a wide range of extracurricular activities. You will make new friends and collect memories for life.

In the junction between Oslo and the mountains, Hamar is a place where rural traditions blend with urban lifestyles, offering exciting adventures for the curious-minded.

It is a small city with approximately 30.000 inhabitants, yet it has a lively cultural scene where you can find anything you like!

The Student Community of Hamar campus (CHS) arranges various sports, music and social activities for students. The students’ pub Gregers is also a great place to hang out. Join the Facebook group of international students at the Hamar campus to connect with the community.

From ski to water sports

Hamar offers a wide range of activities, from skiing in Gåsbu to kayaking on Lake Mjøsa, historical sites like Domkirkeodden, and various cultural events.

You will also find some of the sites from the 1994 Winter Olympic Games, for instance, the up-side-down Viking ship which in addition to being the national arena for ice skating, also annually hosts The Gathering, Norway’s largest gaming event.

Campus facilities

The campus is equipped with modern classrooms and advanced laboratories for biotechnology, animation and game technology.

The open space design on campus offers an arena to cultivate creative thinking and interaction among students.

Students can also get free access to the gym hall at the campus which includes a sport hall and swimming pool.

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