About Evenstad

The Evenstad campus is located at the heart of Østerdalen in Stor-Elvdal municipality, approximately 20 km south of Koppang.

Students and employees studing the nature
Photo: INN University

The campus is known for having a pleasant and inclusive study and academic environment, as well as its scenic surroundings.

The Evenstad campus is one of three campuses affiliated with the Faculty of Applied Ecology, Agricultural Sciences and Biotechnology, the smallest Faculty at Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences.

At the Evenstad campus, you will find a close relationship between students and employees. We offer education in forestry and wildlife management; hunting, fishing and nature guidance; bioenergy and applied ecology.

If you study at Evenstad, you also have the opportunity to partake in shorter or longer stays abroad during your study period. We have a varied selection of international partners.

Applied ecology is our key programme when it comes to the research profile at the Evenstad campus. Here you will be able to work closely with our employees on exciting research projects.

Destination Evenstad

The campus is situated on the beautiful banks of Glomma and is close to the railroad and the Oslo-Trondheim route.

Evenstad is located in Stor-Elvdal municipality. The municipal centre is Koppang, which has about 1500 inhabitants. With its new multifunctional hall for sports and cultural events, the municipal centre offers a range of activities.

Student environment and nightlife

The district allows you to partake in a versatile outdoor life and has excellent conditions for hunting and fishing, popular activities among our students.

Rena, which is 35 minutes drive southward, in Åmot municipality, offers leisure facilities as well.

Student life on the Evenstad campus

Despite the fact the campus is not large, there is a varied selection of activities offered to the students.

You can read more about outdoor activities at Evenstad at "Enjoy Evenstad" (external link).

Many students live on campus where we have dormitories available, as well as access to kennels for the use of dog owners.

The student community at Evenstad organizes and operates, among others, Biotopen student pub, Hyttestyret, the Dåpen tradition, Ski days, mentoring programme, Harvest Thanksgiving, and much more.

Feel free to contact the Evenstad student community at: evenstad.studentsamfunn@gmail.com.

On the students' Facebook page (external link only in Norwegian) you can follow much of what's happening on and around campus.

The Student Council has elected representatives in each class and works with the general learning environment on the Evenstad campus. The Student Council is responsible for the local student policy regarding academic, welfare, and democratic issues, and is part of the Student Organization at Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences (SINN).

Evenstad’s development

The Evenstad campus is in a growth phase. We have about 70 employees and over 220 students – a continuous increase in recent years.

We have inaugurated several new buildings in recent years. In January 2017, a new teaching and administration building was completed. New dormitories were built and entered usage in autumn 2015, and in 2010 we opened a new cafeteria in the main building, overlooking the Glomma, and a new library. "Låven" was built in 2007, where we have a gym, PC lab, group rooms and comfortable teaching rooms.

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