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Innlandet county

The County covers a vast area of Norway, stretching from the Oslo region to mid-Norway. It is a single county without a coastal line. Covering 17% of the country’s total mainland area, it is the second-largest county in Norway, even larger than Denmark. You can locate Norway’s highest mountain, Galdhøpiggen (a famous hiking destination), Norway’s largest lake, Mjøsa, Norway’s longest lake, Glomma, and 11 different National parks in Innlandet county.

Cold winters and warm summers are normal. During winter, most of the county is covered in snow, with temperatures down to -40° degrees Celsius. Inhabitants are in need of good winter clothing, such as woollen underwear, winter shoes and padded winter jackets. During summer, the temperature can reach up to 35° degrees Celsius. The snow and cold weather attracts many visitors from abroad and around Norway. Per February 2020, Innlandet county had over 85.000 cabins, making it the county with the biggest amount of cabins in Norway.

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