Student health, counselling services, crisis and emergency preparedness

Here are some advice and tips on how crises and other challenging situations should be handled.

INN University has an agreement with (external link). The web page provides information on how to prevent a crisis, and what to do when a crisis occurs. 

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Emergency information

If you are in urgent need of help, please call 113 (emergency number).

Doctor's appointment & immediate health care

All municipalities in Norway have an Emergency scheme for immediate health care around the clock and a system for visitors/tourists/students who have not been assigned a family doctor (General Practitioner) in their location of residence. The Doctor's Offices are open Monday-Friday between 08:00/09:00-15:00/16:00. Students are assigned a General Practitioner when they receive their Norwegian Identity Number / D-number.

The Emergency Ward is open Monday-Friday from 16:00-08:00 and offers 24-hour service on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. Non-Norwegian phone numbers may experience issues while dialling +47 116117. International students should therefore call the Emergency Ward closest to themselves directly on the following number:

  • Elverum (& Rena): (+47) 62 41 15 00
  • Evenstad (Stor-Elvdal): (+47) 62 46 34 00
  • Hamar: (+47) 62 53 19 00
  • Lillehammer: (+47) 61 26 64 30

Important information

All international students (as well as Norwegian residents) have to pay a fixed part of the cost of public health services, called patient charges (between 150 and 350 NOK), which is non-refundable. This applies to both medical treatment and purchasing prescribed medicines.

Emergency numbers

  • Fire brigade: 110
  • Police: 112
  • Emergency: 113
  • Only for those with impaired hearing: 1412
  • INN University's emergency number (open 24/7): (+47) 04315. Operated by the Securitas Head Office in Oslo. When receiving a call, they will immediately notify the contact person for the relevant INN University Crisis Group.
  • Ambulant emergency unit mental health (Hamar, Elverum, Åmot): (+47) 62 58 18 88

In an acute crisis, the police, fire and ambulance must always be notified before INN University.

Help 113 app

Have you downloaded the Norwegian Air Ambulance Foundation's app? If you have an emergency and need to call 110, 112 or 113, do so through the app. It will provide them with your accurate location, as long as you have cell service. 

Information on downloading this app (only in Norwegian) can be found on the Norwegian Air Ambulance Foundation's web page (external link). Drop by the International Office for assistance.

In case of an emergency

What is a crisis?

Crises can be defined as acute and unexpected incidents of a particularly serious nature that have serious consequences for the university’s operations or reputation, employees and students. 

Who to contact?

  • If in dire need, call the Norwegian Emergency number 113. 
  • INN University's Emergency Number: +47 04315.
  • The International Coordinator in your Faculty/Campus.
  • "Speak up" is INN University's notification platform where students can speak up about censurable or adverse conditions at the university. It is also possible to Speak Up about bullying, sexual harassment, discrimination, etc. 

Student health and counselling services

SINN's offer for free health services is available for students at all INN University Campuses. The services does not include dentists, General Practitioner or nurses.

Campus Blæstad and Hamar

Study administration/study guidance/contact person for students with special needs:

Student counselling: Office in Grønnegata 70, entrance by the SiH administration. You can drop in or arrange a meeting by e-mail or text message. 

Read more on SINN`s web pages (external link).

Student Chaplain Thomas Tinglum:, +47 95 25 87 53

Health Station: Hamar Rådhus, Vangsveien 51. 

Campus Elverum

Contact person for students with special needs:

For more information on the welfare offer: view SINN's offer (external link).

Campus Evenstad

Reception phone: +47 62 43 08 80

Counsellor Mona Kristin Sagen,, +47 62 43 08 78.

  • Senior Consultant in the Faculty of Applied Ecology, Agricultural Sciences and Biotechnology.

Counsellor Stine Mæhlen,, +47 90 69 28 47.

Contact e-mail for students with special needs: 

Health Station: Storgata 103, Koppang

Campus Lillehammer

The Student Counsellor varies according to one's faculty and programme of enrolment. Full-degree students need to check the programme overview for detailed information. Exchange students need to reach out to the International Office for assistance. 

Other services offered (external links):

Health Station: Storgata 170, 2615 Lillehammer

Campus Rena

Contact person for students with special needs:

Student Counselling: Stine Mæhlen, phone: +47 90 69 28 47, e-mail:

Student Priest: +47 62 44 29 10, or cellphone: +47 96 01 32 58, e-mail: