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Semester registration includes both payment of semester fee and confirmation of education plan.

Deadline for semester registration:

• for the autumn semester: 1 September

• for the spring semester: 15 January

New students

New students, and students admitted to new full-degree studies in autumn 2022, will receive information regarding semester registration by e-mail, during week 31 and 32. You cannot register for a semester until you have received this information. If you do not receive the e-mail, please contact our institution on:

The completion of the semester registration needs to be done each semester to maintain the right to study at INN University.

It is important for you as a new student to have access to our IT systems and networks, even before you show up for the start of your studies.

All new full-degree students without a Norwegian National Identity Number/D-number, need assistance to generate their invoice and complete the semester registration. Please reach out to the contact persons as stated in the e-mail.

New full-degree students with a Norwegian National Identity Number/D-number, need to complete the following steps

Step 1: Pay the semester fee and complete the semester registration

  1. Log on to  Studentweb with MinID or your Norwegian National Identity Number/D-number and PIN-code (provided in the e-mail).
  2. Payment information can be found under “More” -> Payments. You will need to generate the invoice here.
  3. After you have completed the payment, it will take up to several working days until it is registered in our systems. Please remember to complete the payment as soon as possible, as international transfers may take time.
  4. Choose “Start registration” and complete the registration sequence. With these steps, you will sign up for the teaching and exam in your courses. You will receive a receipt by e-mail when you have completed the semester registration.

Step 2: Activate your student account

When the semester fee is paid AND you have completed the semester registration, you can activate your student account in the  Selvbetjeningsportalen. Log on to Studentweb to check the status of your fee. 

NB: If you did not provide your mobile phone number or e-mail address when you applied for the study, you need to register this in Studentweb under “My profile”. The mobile phone number is needed to activate your account.

Choose “Aktivere konto” and “Student”. Enter your Norwegian National Identity Number/D-number to receive a one-time code on your mobile phone. This code is necessary for the activation process.
Upon activating, you will be assigned a username (student number) and requested to create a password. This username and password will apply to all IT systems at the institution, including StudentWeb.
To get access to Canvas for information on your courses and the course schedules, it will be of great advantage to have completed step 1 and 2 before the start of your studies. You will then have access to the systems and networks needed throughout the semester.

Step 3: Attendance registration

Your study coordinators will provide information on the attendance date and time. Some degrees may require mandatory attendance during the first week of University. 

Step 4: Student ID

After the semester fee and semester registration have been completed, you can order astudent ID-card and download the Digital Student ID-application. Your student card is valid as an access card for the institutional premises, library card and access to the printers. For student identification, you will need to use the app. The app can be used in such as the student organizations, in public transportation companies to get student discounts, and in other places. If you cannot download the app to your phone, please visit or reach out to the Service Point by e-mail.

Active students

All active students need to pay the semester fee and complete the semester registration in order to retain their right to study at INN University each semester.

How to register for the semester

The whole semesterregistration-process takes place in Studentweb.

  1. Log in to Studentweb with your student number and password.
  2. Create the invoice for the semester fee, and pay the invoice.
  3. Complete the semester registration. You will then be registered for the teaching and exam in the subjects in your educational plan (utdanningsplan) for the semester. If you plan on choosing electives, add them to your educational plan.
  4. Check your profile and update your semester address if needed.


All full-degree students must pay the semester fee and complete the semester registration within the following deadlines:

Fall semester: 01st of September
Spring semester: 15th of January

Exchange students

Exchange students are exempted from paying the semester fee. They will receive assistance from the International Office to complete the registration and activate the account. Await information from your coordinator.

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