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Semester registration, semester fee and education plan

You completes your semesterregistration in Studentweb.

Why do you need to complete semesterregistration?

Completed semesterregistration is a prerequisite for:

  • be registered as an active student
  • get access to the university's ICT-services (including Studentweb and Canvas)
  • get to take the exam
  • get av valid Student ID
  • have the right to vote in elections to the university's and students' governing bodies
  • gain access to the community's welfare services
  • get access to library services


What is an individual educational plan?

Your education plan is an agreement between you as a student and the university. The education plan is in Studentweb and must be checked and confirmed at the beginning of each semester. You conform your education plan at the same time you generate the invoice for the semester fee.

Insurance for students

Students at state universities and colleges are not insured through their educational institutions. If you as a students are to have adequate coverage if you are exposed to damage, you must take out your own private insurance.

More about insurance