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Traineeship for recent graduates

Female exchange student on a traineeship in a school
Photo: Kristin Petra Hoksrød


Gaining a unique work experience

INN University offers an Erasmus+ scholarship for students who wish to complete a traineeship (internship) at a workplace in an EU country after graduation. This is a unique opportunity to gain (international) work experience.

General information

How to apply?

  1. Part take in an open information meeting (January 2022 - TBA)
  2. Submit the registration form (non-binding) before 01 February 2022. All applicants will be informed of the next steps after the deadline.
  3. Join the mandatory workshop/seminar (March 2021) 
  4. Submit the application to the International Office (you must confirm the internship location and the period of duration abroad). Deadline: 1 May 2022
  5. Part take in the mandatory information meeting (June 2022)

Who can apply?

All 3rd-year bachelor (undergraduate) and 2nd-year master (graduate) students at INN University.

Be aware that if you have used 12 months of possible Erasmus+ support for exchange during your degree, you are not eligible to apply for support during a traineeship after graduation.

Where to go?

Anywhere in the EU! You can go to companies, organizations, institutions and schools in all EU countries, including Iceland, Liechtenstein, Macedonia and Turkey (Excluding EU institutions and the Erasmus+ National Office).

Scholarship rates (2021/2022)

The following rates apply for 2020/2021:

  • 660 EURO per month to Great Britain.
  • 610 EURO per month to Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Ireland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg and Sweden.
  • 560 EURO per month to other programme countries.

Are every applicant guaranteed a scholarship?

The International Office has a limited amount of scholarship funds. If many applications are received, applicants will be assessed and awarded the scholarship according to their GPA from the degree (does not include grades from exchange semesters).

Additional financing

Students can receive other financial support, such as scholarships from other programmes, funds, loans, income from work, etc. As the scheme is not a part of the degree and does not provide ECTS credits, students do not qualify for support from Lånekassen.

Semester fee at INN University

All students need to pay the semester fee at INN University for the time they are abroad (autumn and/or spring), in order to receive the Erasmus+ grant.


The Erasmus+ programme requires that students travelling on internships abroad have adequate health insurance, accident insurance and liability insurance. Students can be insured by the company/organization abroad, or by taking out their own insurances.