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Publications and Teaching Materials

CCL and its partners contribute to the development of teacher education and are committed to activities related to education for sustainable development locally, nationally and internationally.

The work includes increasing the quality of teacher practices and contributing to active learning and interdisciplinary education. The Centre runs teacher training programmes, thematic days and workshops on active learning approaches for sustainable living.

Teaching Materials & Resources

Teaching materials and resources to be used by teachers, teacher training students, policy makers and others interested in Education for Sustainable Lifestyles. The material has been developed to be adapted to formal and informal education. It focuses on student-active learning methods, which address values, attitudes, skills and knowledge.

Research Publication

Here you will find an overview of our most recent research publications produced by CCL and the wider international network.  

Policy & Curriculum Guidance

For publications on policy and curriculum guidance.

Training Materials

Here you will find an overview of publications that can be used by teacher trainers, or teachers interested in integrating Education for Sustainable Lifestyles into their curriculum. 

Promotional Materials

Here you will find all types of materials related to the promotion of the Centre for Collaborative Learning for Sustainable Development. 

Event Reports


CCL has helped promote the importance of education and research for sustainable, responsible consumption in policy discussions and academic consultations. CCL works to strengthen connections between researchers, lecturers, teacher educators, teachers and stakeholders. Some of the reports from workshops CCL has led or participated in can be found here.