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EMERGE University Alliance

INN University is a member of the EMERGE European University Alliance. The alliance consists of eight universities and colleges from seven countries. In addition, four universities are associated partners.


INN University has been a part of the EMERGE initiative since 2019, and the collaboration is central to the institution's international work.

The Alliance has members from Ireland, Spain, France, Germany, Slovakia, Cyprus and Norway, as well as associated partners from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania, Greece and Germany.

The alliance enables European partners to collaborate on both research and education. It allows for the exchange of students and staff.

The collaboration also provides opportunities for Inland Norway (Innlandet County) as a region. The alliance can catalyse exciting joint projects that provide actors in the region with access to a collective competence that is significantly greater than what INN University can deliver alone.

The partnership is an important contribution to international quality and thus fulfils the institution's ambition for university accreditation.

Aiming to become a "European University"

In the spring of 2022, the members of EMERGE applied for a European University Alliance status through the European Universities Initiative (EUI) of Erasmus +.

This EU scheme will contribute to what the EU dubbed a reform of the education sector in Europe. The EU wishes for higher education institutions to commit to closer institutional cooperation that contributes to increased mobility, professional development, and research.

EUI status means, among other things, that the participants in the alliance must have a common long-term strategy for education that strengthens the link between education, research, and innovation. The strategy shall facilitate the free movement of students and staff between the institutions.

Students should be able to combine courses from the various institutions during their studies. Researchers should be able to easily collaborate and contribute to joint projects. It should also be easy for employees to switch between the institutions, as well as carry out exchanges.

EMERGE is an abbreviation of "European Margins Engaging for Regional and Global Empowerment".

All members are regional educational institutions located in the periphery of their countries. The members see this as an advantage because the institutions are key actors in their regions and aim to use this as a driving force for creating productive peripheries in Europe.

The institutions aspire to be key partners for working and social life, and to contribute to sustainable social and business development through research-based learning, entrepreneurship, and creativity.

Logoen til universitetsalliansen Emerge

EMERGE member institutions and associated partners

Logoene til de åtte partnerinstitusjonene og de fire assosierte partnerne oppstilt ved siden av hverandre


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The University of Limerick in Ireland coordinates the collaboration in EMERGE.

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