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The Norwegian Film School

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The Norwegian Film School often receives the abbreviation DNF, and is located at Lillehammer and Oslo

Our aim is to educate qualified professionals within the fields of film and related audiovisual art forms. 

DNF offers future-oriented education that also safeguards the traditional craftsmanship found in individual subject areas. 


108 students
59 employees

In 1997, the Norwegian Film School opened its doors for the first time, and since then the school has graduated more than 350 film students. 

Currently, The Norwegian Film School offers a three-year Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, and a two-year Master of Fine Arts degree, as well as a fellowship programme in artistic research

The school has two campuses; the bachelor’s degree programme is located in Lillehammer, while the master’s degree programme, the fellowship programme and the continuing and further education programmes are located in Oslo. 

The Norwegian Film School aims to develop each student’s capacity for artistic expression and personal reflection on their field of study, as well as have a dynamic and leading position in international film education and contribute to the future development of our field of study. 

Research at the faculty takes place primarily as artistic development work, often in close cooperation with the industry. 


Admission takes place every two years, and the next admission to the master’s degree is in 2022, while the next admission to the bachelor’s degree is in the spring of 2023. All applicants must submit an assignment related to the specific discipline they apply for, and qualified applicants will then advance to an extensive round of further tests and interviews. 
The average age when starting the bachelor’s degree is 25 years, as it is difficult to secure a place and most applicants have experience and/or previous studies. 

Students filming
Students filming

Practical information

Both the bachelor and master programmes at the Norwegian Film School are full-time studies. Students are required to attend their studies in person because a lot of the teaching takes place in teams. Most of the teaching is practically oriented and students often collaborate across disciplines on the bachelor’s degree, either the entire year group or selected disciplines. 

The Norwegian Film School also has its own website: 

The Norwegian Film School  

Contact information

Telephone: +47 612 88 550 

Student administration at DNF 

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Visiting address Lillehammer:  
Vormstuguvegen 2, 2624 Lillehammer 

Visiting address Oslo: 
Sandakerveien 24C, Entrance C7 (by the Akerselva river), 
0473 Oslo