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INN University 2021-2026 Strategy

The INN University of the future will be a driving force in societal development.

English strategy frontpageOur strategy proposes four scenarios describing how the university college, which has the ambition of becoming a university, wishes to be in 2026.

It also describes strategic choices the university will make during the strategy period to help realise these scenarios.

The four scenarios that the university wishes to reach and realise are: 

  • A regional power and national contributor in an international context

  • Research-based education for life

  • Open, innovative and relevant research and artistic development work

  • INN - Knowledge culture employeeship and a learning organisation

Our vision

«Stronger together»
– we will develop the University through interdisciplinary communities, together with society and working life.

Our values

  • Truth-seeking
  • Inclusive
  • Innovative