Ensuring training and guidance

Training is key to ensuring that everyone involved in information security work at the university is able to take responsibility. 

Managers have a special responsibility to ensure that all units at the university have routines for how information security is managed at the unit. For example, these could be routines for how printed documents containing confidential information are handled, or procedures for carrying out and approving risk assessments. 

The routines should be adapted to the needs of the unit so that employees are able to carry out their security tasks. 

Sikresiden.no has been developed by Norwegian universities and university colleges and provides guidance on several relevant topics related to information security, including short e-learning modules that are very useful: 

Sikresiden.no also has several useful e-learning modules on risk assessment, data protection and information security. 

INN University is working on developing its own e-learning modules on these topics. 


If you have any questions or would like guidance on information security, please contact the Chief Security Officer (CSO) by e-mail cso@inn.no