Increased on-campus teaching at INN University

INN University shall return to on-campus teaching as soon as possible but follows the government's order for home office work.

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“Before the weekend, the government gave a clear signal to normalize everyday life for students as much as possible. We follow this instruction and wish for students to return to classroom teaching. Variation between study programmes in terms of how quickly this can happen will occur based on a comprehensive assessment that our deans carry out,” says Pro-rector for Education at INN university, Stine Grønvold.

The government revised national orders and recommendations related to the coronavirus pandemic on Thursday 13 January. New measures have taken effect from 15 January.

See the government's press release on revised coronavirus measures  (

See an overview of INN University's applicable coronavirus measures

Infection control guided operation in teaching

The government states that the main rule going forward is that all students shall receive part of their teaching on campus.

At the same time, it is stated that this will take place within the framework of infection control sound operation, which means, among other things, requirements of one-meter’s distance in teaching situations and participant number restrictions in classrooms and auditoriums.

From the New Year, INN University has opened for on-campus teaching for students in small groups, and for practical activities that cannot be carried out otherwise. To create predictability for the students, INN University has planned to use digital teaching to a large extent in January.

“With the guidelines given, some preparation will be required to switch to as much on-campus teaching as possible again. We are determined to do the job as quickly as possible but must also take into account that students and employees need to change their plans,” says Stine Grønvold.

From December, written school examinations were switched to other forms of examination where this was considered academically justifiable. Each individual faculty has now been asked to assess how their exams will be conducted in the future.

Students are continuously informed through the learning platform Canvas about what applies to them in terms of teaching and exams.

Increased use of rapid tests

The government recommends regular testing to maintain on-campus teaching, and will prioritize providing students access to rapid tests.

Currently, students and employees who have symptoms can get rapid tests from their municipality.

INN University shall contact the campus municipalities for dialogue on how the distribution of rapid tests will take place in the future. Further information will follow when this has been clarified.

Home office work to continue

The government's requirement for home office work for those who can work from home is maintained and implemented by INN University. Many employees will therefore work from home in the foreseeable future as well.

“The main rule for our employees is home office work. We make exceptions, among other things, for those who must be present to keep the campuses open and to carry out priority activity. Teachers are among the groups that are prioritized for attendance according to the government’s recommendation for more on-campus teaching,” says HR director Lars Petter Mathisrud.

It is expected that the spread of infection in society will increase in the time to come, with the potential for increased prevalence of sick-leave. INN University shall plan for how priority activity can be maintained in a situation where many employees fall ill.

INN University has temporarily updated the current coronavirus measures at the institution and will update again next week after a closer dialogue with all faculties.

Published Jan. 17, 2022 2:39 AM - Last modified Jan. 17, 2022 3:00 AM