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Infection control measures at INN University

Here you will find current measures for students and staff at INN University.

Updated on 2 February.


People become less severely ill from the virus variant that is prevalent now, and the vaccine provides us with good protection. Therefore, the government has lifted many of the previous coronavirus measures.

General advice from the government remains:

  • Practice good hand and cough hygiene
  • Get vaccinated
  • Stay at home in case of illness
  • Get tested for COVID-19 in case of new onset of respiratory symptoms

See the government’s national recommendations and rules (

Read the government’s press release regarding the removal of measures from 1 February (


INN University will be switching to on-campus teaching as soon as possible. How quickly this can happen will vary from programme to programme.

The government has granted an exemption from the requirement for a meter’s distance under teaching situations.

Students are continuously informed about what applies to each individual course through the learning platform Canvas.


INN University is proceeding with the plan that has been set for exams in the spring semester to ensure predictability.

Each faculty shall assess the exam form most suitable going forward and shall notify its students of what applies to each individual through the learning platform Canvas.

Operation of the campuses

INN University’s campuses are open between 07:00 and 22:00 every day. A card and code are required to gain access outside of normal work hours. For some buildings, a card and code are required during all of the building’s opening hours.

Everyone who uses the premises is encouraged to follow national infection control guidelines, which, among other things, recommend keeping a distance of one meter from others.

Classrooms, student workspaces, reading rooms, group rooms and libraries are exempt from the requirement of one-meter’s distance.

The Student Organization of Innlandet (SINN) keeps dorm receptions, cafeterias, and bookstores open, and offers a book ordering/sending out service.

SINN's conversation service is available for students who need someone to talk to.

There are some restrictions on opening hours for gyms and locker rooms due to infection control measures. Check the opening hours that apply to your campus.

Home office

There is no requirement for home office work, and employees can attend the workplace.

Higher than usual occurrence of sick leave is expected in the forthcoming wave of infection. INN University will remain flexible and find solutions for employees who cannot arrive at the workplace or need facilitation, for example for health reasons. This is clarified between each manager and the employee.

Managers at INN University must plan to maintain operations and prioritize the most important tasks in their own unit in a situation of increased absence.

Meetings, courses, and conferences

Various events can be carried out in line with the government's national recommendations and rules.

In meetings, a one-mete’s distance should be observed between the participants, in line with the government's recommendation.


Travel can be carried out in line with the government's national recommendations and rules.

Face masks should be worn when it is not possible to keep at least one meter away from others on public transport, in taxis and indoor station areas.

Rapid tests

INN University will distribute tests according to the national prioritization, i.e., to those who have symptoms or are household members or others similarly close to a person who is infected.

Information about where and when the distribution will take place is forthcoming.

The municipalities distribute quick tests when needed, as well.

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